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Brand Identity

Our branding experts craft a standout identity for your business through strategic techniques. Spencer Hirst's branding services resonate with your company's essence, encapsulating core values and setting you apart in the competitive landscape.

Brand identity key steps

Creating a compelling brand identity is a step-by-step process:

  • Identify the core position: Defining your brand's core position, which embodies your unique facets and represents the essence of your brand.

  • Align your objectives and vision: Matching this core position with your brand's objectives and vision, forming the backbone of your brand strategy.

  • Discover your unique identity:  We delve deeper into your brand to unearth what truly sets it apart from others in the market, thereby creating a one-of-a-kind identity.

  • Design your customers' favorite brand: Weave these elements into a cohesive narrative that reflects your unique brand and resonates with your target audience.

Brand identity vs. brand design

Brand identity is the personality of your company, existing digitally and physically. It's a fusion of values, messaging, and visuals.

At Spencer Hirst, we craft distinctive visuals, including logos, that amplify your identity. Our approach transcends mere design, painting a full picture of your brand's persona and expression.

Why Spencer Hirst? 

Choose Spencer Hirst for a standout presence in today's competitive market. With over a decade's experience, we craft branding that resonates, understanding both market nuances and your unique goals.


What is brand identity?

Brand identity design is the composite visual elements that form an organization's public face. It involves designing logos, typography, color palettes, iconography and illustration libraries that encapsulate a brand's personality and values.

Essentially, it creates a distinct and consistent image, enabling audiences to identify and connect with the brand.

What are common elements of brand identity design?

Brand identity design comprises several elements, including the logo, symbolizing the brand visually. The color scheme reinforces brand recognition, while typography influences perception and readability.

Imagery contributes to the overall aesthetic, and the brand message conveys the core values. Collectively, these elements create a unique, consistent brand experience.

How does brand identity design help businesses?

Brand identity design is vital to businesses as it helps differentiate them in competitive markets. A unique and cohesive identity enhances brand recognition, boosts credibility, and fosters consumer trust.

Effective brand design can also evoke emotional responses, influencing consumer decisions and driving brand loyalty and advocacy.

How to choose a brand identity designer?

Choosing a designer involves assessing their portfolio to gauge style and quality. Consider their experience in your industry and client testimonials for credibility.

Communication skills and an understanding of your brand's essence are crucial. Additionally, evaluate their design process, adaptability, and commitment to staying on top of design trends.

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