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Begginer Guitar Lessons
Spencer Hirst Guitar Lessons

Fast-Track Your Guitar Journey With Spencer Hirst

Begginer Guitar Lessons
Spencer Baby Guitar Lessons

Stuck in a guitar rut or unsure where to start? I simplify the complexity of guitar into easy steps that fast-track your journey to playing music that truly inspires you.

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Begginer Guitar Lessons
Spencer Hirst Guitar Lessons

Why pick Spencer for guitar Lessons?

Unlock your guitar skills with lessons made just for you! I am a professional musician with over 15 years of teaching experience. I help students establish habits that streamline progress. I make understanding the guitar fun so you can quickly get to playing the music you love.

Private  Lessons 

Guitar Lessons Near Me
Begginer Guitar Lessons

Level 1

Core Foundations

Learn the basics about gear and different types of guitars, tone, scales, chords, picking, rhythm patterns, and proper guitar maintenance to set a solid foundation for your musical journey.

Guitar Lessons For Begginers

Level 2

Skill Development

Technical Proficiency:
Sharpen your finger placement, basic legato, and hand coordination to bring precision to your play.

Music Theory and Improvisation:
Dive into the world of scales and chord progressions, unlocking the ability to improvise and create your own music.

Repertoire Development:
Expand your collection of songs, enhancing your ability to express your musical identity.

Begginer Guitar Lessons Near Me

Level 3

Advanced Mastery

Advanced Picking:
Speed picking /shredding, fingerstyle, hybrid, legato, pinch harmonics, economy picking, and sweep picking.

Advanced Techniques:
Tapping, legato techniques, string skipping, artificial harmonics, Volume swells, tremolo, and fingerstyle percussion.

Recording & performance techniques:
How to record electric and acoustic guitars, signal flow, advanced effects, mic techniques, and DAW.

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Guitar Lessons Spencer Hirst


 I love the way you teach. Your explanations are very clear, I can finally understand; thank you so much.


I have been able to teach other people the lessons Spencer taught me. It's been pretty cool to pass it on. 


 I love the way you explain the guitar it makes it so easy and simple to understand.

Spencer Hirst Guitar

 Send me a message or schedule a free call today. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an intermediate player aiming for mastery, I offer a range of courses and one-on-one sessions to suit your needs. Get in touch to secure your spot today.

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Spencer Hirst Guitar
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Begginer Guitar Lessons

Mill Creek, Washington

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